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INGRoup is a 501(3)c nonprofit corporation. Incorporating in 2008 allowed INGRoup to be an independent entity. Being independent also means that INGRoup must absorb its operating costs (e.g., insurance, tax preparation, credit card processing, association awards) and costs associated with the annual conference (e.g., deposits for vendors). As recommended for all nonprofits, INGRoup should maintain a reserve. Your INGRoup membership helps to sustain the operating costs of the association, but we must also build our reserves.

Please consider making a contribution to INGRoup - show your support for the association and to help us maintain financial health. Donors will be recognized in the annual INGRoup conference program.

Joseph E. McGrath Endowment

INGRoup has created an endowment to honor Joe McGrath's extraordinary contributions to small group research. In his long and productive career, Joe conceived and built the frameworks within which a remarkable number of group scholars designed their studies, chose their methods, interpreted their findings, and developed their theories. Perhaps Joe's most extraordinary contribution of all, however, was in the development of cadres of young scholars who continue to carry on exemplary research on group behavior. The Joseph E. McGrath Endowment will both recognize the achievements of senior scholars who have followed in Joe's footsteps and, importantly, encourage and reinforce the work of outstanding younger group researchers.

Specifically, the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup), a professional association dedicated to the growth of group research across disciplines, seeks to generate a $20,000 endowment to fund two activities in perpetuity.

The Joseph E. McGrath Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes senior scholars who have made significant contributions to small group research throughout their careers. Winners will be given lifetime INGRoup membership and have fees for conference attendance waived the year they receive their award. Previous winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award include Richard Hackman, John Levine, Richard Moreland, and Eduardo Salas.

The INGRoup Outstanding Student Conference Paper Award. This $500 award will recognize the most outstanding submission by a student to each annual INGRoup conference program.1

We hope that you will join us in contributing to the endowment to support these two awards. INGRoup is a charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). Donations can be made online.

If you have questions about INGRoup, the McGrath Award, or this fundraising effort, please contact Laurie Weingart (Past-president and committee chair) ( or another member of the board.

1This paper can be co-authored with a faculty advisor but the student must be first author. Only the student author(s) will receive the monetary portion of the award, and submissions must include certification that the student is the lead author.

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